Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner

Happy Spring!  I bet you are ready to be done with snow and cold weather.  We all need a good dose of sunshine too!  I think my household has had Spring Fever-- the cats are seeking warm sun to lie in and my big dog Brody wants to go on looooong walks.  As for the "grand-dog"-- (Abby's puppy she has not come back to get-) he's only four months old, so it's all new to him.

But animals and people do get antsy in the spring, or when the weather is changing.  It's normal.  Kids preparing to leave elementary school start to get bolder, eighth-graders preparing to become high school kids get nervous, and high school seniors get "senior-itis"-- becoming tired or frustrated at how the semester plays out, and making plans for after graduation.

Graduations are special times when the hard work of the graduate is recognized.  You may remember your graduation, or be moving toward one yourself.  But consider this: in Independence, we have some high school students who have had to work harder than most to make their dreams of graduating from high school a reality.

For the third year in a row, the Independence Ministerial Alliance has committed to reach out to our community in support of a fund to provide graduation gifts for homeless teens who attend Independence high schools.  Starting out in life- whether that means going on to college or into the work force- can be challenging.  It is our hope that we can make this transition easier for these young men and women, whose lives have been especially difficult, by presenting each of them with gift cards to purchase necessary items.

As of May 2017, with your generous support and those contributions of the community, we presented gift cards to 53 students.  In addition the Independence School District Foundation was able to set up an ongoing fund to help with items like scrubs to take a nurse's aid course, work boots required for a job, or a college dorm room deposit!  We'd like to ask you to again help give Independence 2018 graduates a strong vote of confidence as they continue their journey.  Let's help them succeed!

When: Gifts need to be in by 5/10/18 to be included in the 2018 gift-giving event.

Tax-deductible donations can be made through the IMA (Independence Ministerial Alliance) or to the church with "Homeless 2018 Seniors" on the memo. If you would prefer to mail to the Alliance, here's the address: Rev. Sherry McGlaughlin, Pastor, Blue Ridge Blvd. Christian Church, 3625 Blue Ridge Blvd., Independence, MO 64052

It's a great way to be the hands and feet of Christ!!!


Rev. Sarah S. Wimberley