Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner

As the days grow shorter and the year comes toward an end, it's time to think about the church.  This is the time when we traditionally plan for the next year and begin to look at our budget and how we will do ministry for the next year.  It's also time for the UMM Chili Day and Craft Fair, Saturday, 11/3, and the various ministries and groups will be there.

Are you praying?  Are you feeling led to do SOMETHING to make your world a better place?  Come join us Thursday nights at our weekly prayer service 6:30-7, and see where God leads you.  Maybe that nagging feeling you have is God pushing you to do something.

Our Annual Charge Conference is 11/4 at Woods Chapel UMC.  It's a great opportunity to get with others and see how God is moving and working in our community.  Come join us!!!


Rev. Sarah