Baby Grace Ministry

Baby Grace Ministry

Baby Grace provides care packages, Baby Grace Camp scholarships, classes and programs, and a distribution center, where we accept donations of new and used items for children newborn to three.  Those donations are disbursed for free to our families through quarterly Open Houses.

Any parent or guardian of any age with children 0 - three is welcome to join Baby Grace.  You must complete a Baby Grace registration form and a liability waiver (assuming responsibility of cleanliness and safety for any item received from Baby Grace.  All applicable registration forms are available for completion at our Open Houses four times a year.

Our Distribution Centers provide donations which could include:  Clothes, Books, Toys, Movies, Blankets, Bottles, Towels, Bibs, Shoes, High Chairs, Strollers, Pack-n-plays, Swings, Bassinets, Walkers, Changing Tables, Baby Gates and more.

Thanks to donations from our congregation and other organizations, each child registered with Baby Grace receives free diapers at each open house!

Mothers are invited to provide prayer requests which
will be brought before God in humble prayer asking
for His favor in answering those requests. We
believe God can do all things and nothing is
impossible with Him.


We are not a service that provides utility or bill assistance. The need for this is great but our resources are limited.  We will be happy to refer you to other local agencies that can provide this type of financial aid.