Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner

Hello! I am pleased to be your new pastor!

A focus of my work will be to have you experience the love of God, so that others will experience the love of God through you.

I believe in Jesus Christ, fully human and fully divine.

I believe that the Holy Spirit works among us, around us, and in us to encourage us and teach us what we need to know.

I believe that God is a loving, eternal being that has put creation into motion, and relies on us, most of the time, to live out God’s will.

I believe that all humans are candidates for salvation. I believe that God expects us to co-operate with God’s Spirit for our own salvation and for the salvation of creation.

I believe God has a bright future for us, if we pay attention to the hints, nudges, prodding, whispering, and all the other many ways the Spirit works. The Hound of Heaven will nip at our heels.

I believe that it’s much, much harder to drive backwards looking in a rearview mirror than it is to drive forward looking through a windshield. Our future is in the future, not in our past.

I believe that God responds to generosity and sacrifice in Jesus’ name. Many of you are already generous with God. I have no doubt. Yet when a congregation goes from a full-time pastor, to a three-quarter-time pastor, to a half-time pastor, generosity could be one of the factors.

I believe in the people that are here now. Your faithfulness to Jesus and your loyalty to Northern Boulevard Church form a solid base. You’re a committed crew. Thank you!

I believe that our mandate to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to teach them what they need to know will guide us when we focus on it exclusively.

I believe that I don’t know exactly what God has in mind for us.

I believe that whatever God has in mind for us will be personally revealed in your spirit.

I believe that whatever our future holds, I will love you in Jesus’ precious name.

Love, in Christ,

Pastor Barry Freese

“I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ.”
- Philemon 1.6