Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner

“…For Christ’s Sake!”

It’s fall!  I love fall!  The air is cooler!  Leaves become colorful! Scents change to spices!  Wood fires from barbeques exhaust yummy tastes!  The list of changes goes on and on.

We’re going through a change here at Northern Boulevard Church, too.  We’re going back inside for worship on Sundays at 10:30 AM in our sanctuary, starting Sunday, October 4.

This is a big deal for many folks who have longed for in-sanctuary worship.  Of course, God is present anywhere we worship.  Yet for some folks they “feel it” more in a familiar place.  That’s ok, as long as we recognize that it’s our reaction, not a change in God’s presence.  God is God everywhere.

This also a big deal for me, because even though I became your pastor beginning in June, this will be my first worship experience in our sanctuary.  I’m looking forward to it!

This is also big deal during a global pandemic because there is life-and-death risk involved.  You know there’s risk involved.  Your church officials know there’s risk involved. I know there’s risk involved.  Golly, the whole planet knows there’s risk involved.

And yet, here we go!  Your elected church officials and other saints have discussed this thoroughly and planned well.  Information on what they’ve accomplished to get us back inside for worship is available elsewhere in this newsletter.

We — and by we I mean your elected church officials and me — expect you to hold strictly to the requirements for being in our building!  We all must behave in the healthiest ways possible for our sakes and for Christ’s sake.  To do less will endanger lives.

Our Lord is a God of healing.  Christ endured a painful, public death that points to this healing.  Be a part of God’s healing in Jesus Christ by strictly following the in-building expectations.

See you in worship!!

Love, in Christ,

Pastor Barry Freese

Philemon 1.6  “...for Christ’s sake…”