Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner

“…For Christ’s Sake!”

“He has been raised...” Mark 16.6c

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Welcome to Easter 2021!

I encourage you to keep your eyes, heart and feet focused on Easter this year.

Easter makes everything possible for Christians who believe the long history of this short story.

I’m currently experiencing the hope of Easter as I heal from a household accident. My experience includes the Easter care I am receiving from this church. Cards, food, prayers...transportation, so many kindnesses! So much love! THANK YOU NORTHERN!!!

Some of our faithful folks just finished a class on various theological theories about how the resurrection is healing for us. No matter what theory you subscribe to, the resurrection offers healing possibilities that no other fact can ever offer. Believe that the resurrection story is true. This belief will lead you home in this life and the next.

How can I support you as you focus on resurrection this Easter? Whatever your answer, know of my prayers for your safety, health and peace.

Love, in Christ,

Pastor Barry Freese

Philemon 1.6  “...for Christ’s sake…”